Karen White Masry​

Hi I’m Karen.  For the past few years, I have worked with many large and small not-for-profit, academic, public, and private sector clients supporting their facilitation, strategy, and content needs. I also bring 18+ years of experience in the public sector focusing on public health, where I worked in a team, across teams, across departments, and across sectors. Collaboration has always been at the center of my work. I long ago learned that you can do more and be more effective when working well with others.  I’ve learned from my mistakes and successes, and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals through effective collaboration. Here are some areas where I have significant experience: 

  • Developing frameworks and formal agreements to enable collaboration between sectors and organizations
  • Designing, implementing, managing, and enabling cross-sectorial programs and services 
  • Facilitating strategic and operational planning to enable effective collaboration between and across organizations
  • Facilitating collaboration clusters to explore opportunities, solve problems, and share wise practices

Elaine Leclerc

Hi I’m Elaine.  I have been providing training and consulting services for more than thirty years.  I have had the privilege of working with and learning from great leaders and effective organizations across Canada.  I have worked with large multi-national companies, and small independent businesses; with all levels of government, and with employee associations and unions; with academia and with not-for-profit organizations.  I believe that effective collaboration contributes to healthy, effective, sustainable organizations where people feel valued and respected and have opportunities for personal and career growth. Here are some areas where I have significant experience:

  • Leading learning events and developing resources to address the competencies required for effective collaboration
  • Designing and implementing interventions to support groups, teams and organizations collaborating effectively
  • Facilitating problem solving, solution focused conversations when teams need to work more effectively, or when collaboration goes off track
  • Providing coaching and support to leadership teams who want to transform their organizations through effective collaboration