We believe in the power of collaboration to solve problems, inspire engagement, and contribute to personal growth and development. That is why our public learning events consist of a one-day learning experience followed by a one-hour facilitated discussions in a collaboration cluster where we discuss strategies to apply concepts from the learning event in your workplace.  This is when you receive the coaching and support you need to apply what you have learned.

And if you are passionate about the power of collaboration, we invite you to join us each month in a one-hour collaboration cluster to share wise practices and consider the latest research and ideas about how we can collaborate more effectively or overcome common collaboration challenges.  There is no fee, but participation is limited to the first 25 people who sign up.

We had a great discussion on our blog: How can we entice “lone wolves” to join the pack?

Check in again for our next scheduled collaboration cluster for an interesting discussion on our next great blog topic